For Adepticon I’m building a 1000 point Nurgle Warriors army for tge Rodgepodge event. The Gore-grub chariot will be a centerpiece to this force. 2015/01/img_4715.jpg

Rather than have a Gore-beast pulling a chariot in a conventional manner, I think that a massive resurrected swamp-grub, enslaved in undeath by the foul magicks of Nurgle, toting a Howdah would be very in theme with a highly mutated Nurgle army.


The body of this model is made from a tinfoil armature and layered with super-sculpy and Apoxie-sculpt. The details are primarily done with Greenstuff.


Check out my insect leg tutorial to see how the legs were achieved: Sculpting Insect Legs

The crew for this beast are coming together. More on them later!

Project Update

Bolt Action – I have plans for a panzerpioneer platoon for Bolt Action and have scored some armored infantry & a Panzer IVh model!  I am doing some light conversions on these to give some of the panzergrenadiers camouflage smocks and helmet covers.  The Warlord Games German halftracks are fantastic models!

Warriors of Chaos – I am revising several of my Warrior units to add some large model unit fillers to bulk out these units.  I also am aiming to getting my blood Demonprince finally painted!!

11th Hussars for Flames of War – The 14 odd Humbar and Daimler armored cars for my British in the Desert army are mostly assembled.  These should be a blast to play.  I need to finalize my 1500 point list and get some games in while I am painting this.

PAVN for Flames of War ‘Nam – I’ve been painting a bit of PAVN armor which has been fun.  What I really need to do at some point is to get my support teams for the infantry locked down.  I have some materials for some Vietnam Terrain as well which  needs to be built.

Slannesh Chaos Space Marines – I got these guys up to a table basic paint scheme for Adepticon, but they are taking a back burner until I get some of these other items settled.  They are off to a great start however so I can’t wait to continue on them.

Warriors of Chaos: Return of the Prince & Chariots

There is a new Warriors of Chaos book out for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  They have dragged me back in!  The good news is that this has motivated me to get back into some of the half-baked models that I created for previous incarnations of my WoC army.  Several of the previous conversions and sculpts that I created are going to get some attention, some new details, and finally… painted!  The two first items in the hopper will be the winged Tzeentch (sometimes Slannesh) Demonprince.  I love this model.  It’s one of my favorite creations and now with the new book actually has a great deal of utility in the game.  The flying Tzeentch DP was my MVP in the one game that I have played in the new army book.

One new item added to the book is the Gorebeast Chariot.  I have the perfect model for this unit!  When I initially got into doing WoC I determined that having chariots pulled by evil looking monsters would be fantastic, so I made this guy;

Apparently GW agreed with me and gave the warriors a new type of chariot.  This guy is going to get a bit of an overhaul.  New base, new riders (who don’t look like they are about to fall off the chariot) are going to happen.  I will probably add some more armor here and there to give the chariot some more meat.

It has been very satisfying to get back into the WoC, I am not going to lie.  It is also good to get back into this army and try to get it completed after many years!

Spring Update!

This joint has been a bit dead lately.  I have been super slammed with painting, sculpting, tournaments, and of course tons of real life.  Adepticon has come and went, and it was a fantastic time this year!!  I was able to bag best painted with my Soviet Heavy Assault Gun Regiment for the Late War tournament!  This was a great accomplishment for me.  I have never won a painting award before, and it was great feeling to get that plaque!  I will have to get some proper gallery shots of my Russians up here soon.

I am painting some critters for my friend’s Descent boardgame.  It will be nice to paint something a bit different, and casual like that.  The sculpts kind of lack something to be desired, but I may be able to fix up some of their weaker details through the painting.

The Warhammer High Elves have finally begun!  This project has been on the back-burner for nearly 2 years!  I am excited to get a start on this, and with an aggresive deadline looming, I will need to hussle!  I have been taking some breif shots of works in progress on my Seaguard for twitter… check em out:

SeaGuard Work in Progress

SeaGuard Work in Progress

SeaGuard Work in Progress

Some brief thoughts about the new WFB books, and the Tomb Kings release

Hot on the tail of the new Orcs & Goblins release from GW is a long overdue update to the Tomb Kings!  These two books are also a good indicator of things to come with WHFB army books.  The books have a new format, hard cover, full color, 8th ed. style spell list, and a higher price-tag.  These new books are quite pretty.  They really create a feeling of craft and depth as compared to the pre O&G army books.  I had often wondered at the graphic design, layout, and editorial choices in earlier books.  These elements made the earlier books feel like an afterthought to the miniature production (durr… but must it be so blatant?)

Naturally, the big news on the internet has been the price of these books.  The last army book I bought (high elves I think) was in the $25.00 range.  The new style of books comes in at $37.25 MSRP.  A lot of digital ink has been spilled on the subject, so I won’t rehash much of it here.  Feel free to poke around dakka, twf, or what have you if you care to catch up on that debate.  Both sides have solid points.

The thing about these new books that strikes me, is that it seems that GW is taking it’s product a bit more seriously.  That is a good thing.  Initial reviews of the O&G book describe it as pretty fair in terms of balance.  It’s not silly-powerful (its not another ‘Demon Army Book’ is the phrase I keep hearing), and it doesn’t seem overly soft either.  The distance between books like Skaven, and Beastmen, which are also fairly recent releases, is less than some of the previous books in terms of power.  I hope this trend continues.  It would be nice to see some parity occur between the factions as imbalance is quite an albatross around the neck of the hobby.

I made an attempt to digest some of the changes in the new TK book.  I was somewhat successful at this, at least as much as my limited attention span allowed.  Some things that popped out at me…

  • The general feel of the new book is that all the favorites from the previous books are in there as well as a slew of new options, giving the tomb kings quite a lot to choose from.  A lot of the basics changed very little in my opinion.  Some items like the Casket of Souls has new mechanics that work in harmony with the more standard mechanics of the game, which is nice.
  • Monster-mash:  Not unlike many of the new books, there are quite a few monsters, and other large model type items to choose from.  Sphinx-critters, snake people, and the like.  I have a feeling that this trend may have it’s roots in trying to attract a younger audience to the game.  The latest models that GW has been putting out have been pretty fun, so I call this a win win.  Their affect on the game has been toned down since 7th ed. as well, which is nice.  Monsters are fun, but not the no-brainers that they used to be.
  • Ushabti update:  For a bit there it seemed that the Ushabti were going to be dropped, at least that seemed to be the rumor.  Well, it isn’t true.  They are still in the book, and they have a option to take great-bows, which I think is pretty slick.  Long range, high strength, and can volley fire like other bows.  This in addition to the ‘arrows of the asp’  (or whatever the rule is called, always hit w/o modifiers) has some potential.  I can see a 6-9 block of Ushabti being a very versatile (but expensive) unit.  I’d run them.
  • A particular character stuck out to me… It is some sort of pissed off tomb-prince that when attached to units gives them hatred.  I really hope this guy isn’t a special character (simply because they aren’t my style), because I like modularity that this type of thing provides an army build.  In any case, I am glad to see GW moving towards a system that employs well tested, common abilities, and traits that are re-used throughout the game, rather than the ad-hoc mechanics that cause confusion, imbalance, and rules conflicts.
  • Skeleton Warrior models:  As of yet, these aren’t getting an update like the VC skellies did (which are fantastic).  This is the only thing I can find to cry about.  The existing TK skeletons are a bit long in the tooth.  They have the cartoon proportions left over from the accursed red-period.  Bah, maybe this will change.  The tomb-guard are getting some new models, however.

All in all, I am more excited about this release than I have been about others.  The new models are sick… and for the haters out there, give them a chance.  GW’s paint schemes on the site leave something left to be desired, but in person, I think they are very solid.