Warriors of Chaos: Return of the Prince & Chariots

There is a new Warriors of Chaos book out for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  They have dragged me back in!  The good news is that this has motivated me to get back into some of the half-baked models that I created for previous incarnations of my WoC army.  Several of the previous conversions and sculpts that I created are going to get some attention, some new details, and finally… painted!  The two first items in the hopper will be the winged Tzeentch (sometimes Slannesh) Demonprince.  I love this model.  It’s one of my favorite creations and now with the new book actually has a great deal of utility in the game.  The flying Tzeentch DP was my MVP in the one game that I have played in the new army book.

One new item added to the book is the Gorebeast Chariot.  I have the perfect model for this unit!  When I initially got into doing WoC I determined that having chariots pulled by evil looking monsters would be fantastic, so I made this guy;

Apparently GW agreed with me and gave the warriors a new type of chariot.  This guy is going to get a bit of an overhaul.  New base, new riders (who don’t look like they are about to fall off the chariot) are going to happen.  I will probably add some more armor here and there to give the chariot some more meat.

It has been very satisfying to get back into the WoC, I am not going to lie.  It is also good to get back into this army and try to get it completed after many years!

Challenge Update & New Terrain Experiments

I spent a good amount of time this morning adding some highlights to a set of the Sea Guard.  Highlighting and blending are two skills in painting which I am still pretty rough with.  I have been reading other people’s blogs on the subject (check out this one!) which has helped me learn some other techniques.  I feel that I will have the particulars of accomplishing this with the high elves once I am about half way through this unit!


In addition to getting some work in on the high elves, I was also able to make some prototypes for some terrain pieces which have been in my head for a while.  I have an idea for a themed desert table which will be primarily designed for Fantasy, and Sci Fi games.  The rough idea is that some strange eldrich monoliths were discovered in the desert, and the archeological team which was studying the odd monolithic structures which had emerged from the sands has disappeared, leaving their camp, scaffolding, and tools behind…  Here is a shot of a prototype of the monolith design.


When I actually create some of these for the table, I will probably hit the surface of them with a finer sand paper, and give them more broken, damaged areas.  I love doing terrain!

Fixing the High Elf Spearman

*While in the process of trying to get some pics of some of my new Chaos creations, I decided to make live a draft of a post that I have been working on for a while.

I commonly hear people complain about the plastic High Elf Spearman kit. When you consider the bizarre proportions of the models that the kit makes, you can’t really blame folks.

I actually really like this kit. It needs a ton of loving before the models will look good, no doubt. The criticism that the proportions are way off is dead on, and is pretty much to blame for the cartoon look of the HE spearmen. If you address the proportions some, the models actually start to look pretty good. Here is my prototype for a High Elf Spearman.

High Elf Spearman Work In Progress

I did 3 distinct things to this model to get it to look better. The first thing to do was to add about 1-2 mm of waist length under the torso component. This was accomplished with a simple shaped wad of fresh greenstuff. If made much longer, I would need to pin the torso to the leg piece as well. The next step was to position the arms in a more natural, and interesting way. For some reason the GW stock kit makes the elf look like he is floating in an inner-tube in the water. The last thing was to add about 2 mm of length to the space between the foot and the bottom of their skirts. This helps the legs not look too short after the waist is adjusted. After this the proportions are better, not perfect, but better.

Obviously, I also added a lot of details to this model with putty. This captures the look I want for a High Elf soldier far better than the rather bland details the existing kit has. This is a matter of personal taste, not really a criticism of the GW kit. I also wanted their spears to be longer so I replaced the shaft of the plastic one with 1/16th” aluminum tubing.  Eventually the shield will receive a press mold applique.

As I said, I really do like this kit. I think it has a lot of flexibility in the ways that the models can be posed thanks to the way that most of the major body parts are their own piece. Some of the newer kits seem to be designed to lock into a particular position, and would be more difficult to vary their poses.  Oh, and I bet you are wondering what happened to his left foot.  He lost it in a de-basing accident.  It will give me an excuse to learn to sculpt elf kicks!

Demon prince started

I got a start on my demon prince tonight. While waiting for the putty to set up on some new chaos warriors, listening to some podcast reruns, I decided to dive in on a project that had kind of been intimidating me for some time; a totally scratch-built demon prince for my warriors of chaos army.

I’ve had a concept that has been germinating in my brain for a while now, and it’s good to get a start on it. The design has both a slanesshi, and tzeentch vibe, which suites my army’s direction. This character was the first model that I broke away from the single power army, by first running a proxy DP with tzeentch, and later undivided.

My single concern at this point is that the model will seem kind of small compared to the new GW demon prince kit, which is kind of huge! This model will be fairly tall, but not quite as big across the shoulders as a chaos spawn model.

I’ve tried full sculpts in the past, but have abandoned them after mistakes with proportions, or whatever. Many of my conversions are largely sculpted these days, so over time I’ve become more confidant with my skills.

Avatars of War Lizardman Hero & other bits

Lizardman Hero from AoW

Avatars of War Lizardman Hero

This isn’t super new news, but it is news to me. I have been digging the AoW work for sometime, and I think they really hit the mark with the lizardman hero here. The quasi-tyrannosaurus rex head is fantastic, and this model really does look like a boss critter! As I said I am into this model. I am not really all that thrilled by the paint job on it. Technically it is very sound, but the color choices, and the saturation with which they are applied is a bit too cartoony for my tastes. I’m sure that some folks love it. Avatars of War produce primarily a series of really nice hero character models for fantasy gaming. They are clearly aimed at the Warhammer market, and good work for them. These models seem like a good way to spice up an army project with some variation.

Chaos Trolls & other WIP

In other news I should be receiving a box of chaos spawn models to make trolls out of!! So next up on the work bench will be 9 (maybe 10) Chaos Trolls, Chaos Warriors with Halberds, and a Chaos Lord. My Chaos Knights, and Chariots need to get painted as well, which I am very excited about.

As I hone my various point lists, I will dive back into the model for the Demon Prince. I have a design in my head which I will share here in the not too distant future. His role in my army comes and goes, especially in lower point value games (2k, 2200) so he is a bit on the back burner for the moment.

Chaos Warriors Painted

I’ve been working on painting my Chaos Warriors for my Slannesh army. These guys are 3 that are essentially done. The rest of the 30 man unit is almost at that same spot. These photos aren’t the best, I got a crappy exposure on these. Once I get the unit done I will have to post some new pics.

Chaos Warrior of Slannesh Champion by Aaron Schmidt

– Chaos Warrior Champion –

Chaos Warrior of Slannesh by Aaron Schmidt

– Chaos Warrior –

Chaos Warrior of Slannesh by Aaron Schmidt

– Chaos Warrior –

Chaos Warrior of Slannesh Champion by Aaron Schmidt

– Chaos Warrior Champion –

Chaos Warrior of Slannesh by Aaron Schmidt

– Chaos Warrior –

As I do more of these, I get better at the paint job. I guess that this isn’t very surprising. It makes me excited to move onto the knights, and the chariots!

‘Video’ Painting Tutorials

I am starting to see some great painting videos online lately. Some fantastic ones are on ‘Watching Paint Dry’, and I highly recommend checking them out. Doing video, or rich media tutorials on sculpting is something that I have thought about on several occasions, and if I acquire a new camera, I may well do just that.

Painting Inspiration

There is a great series of shots of some of Alexi-Z’s amazing High Elves. I had the opportunity to see some of these in person years ago. Its amazing how tight these paint schemes are when you see them outside of photography!

Check out this link to see the article whfm.blogspot.com.

I have only a few units to build up before I have the base of my Chaos Warriors ready to paint. Ive had 4 games of 2400 point 8th ed. and I am slowly seeing some great options for Chaos Warriors. This article is really getting me inspired to start painting!

Now with swords!

The final design for the chaos warrior swords is shown here! Its a hybrid of several of the designs that I came up with. They are pretty easy to make. I was able to build enough for the entire unit of 15 today, and get 8 of them mounted onto the models. I think may cheat and not give them to the standard bearer, and musician.

There is some more greenstuff work to do to tie the weapon in with the model a bit more, as well as some GS still needed on the warriors themselves. They are getting there!

The method that I used to create these is very similar to that of the chaos cultist champion, and his unit’s flails seen here. Someday I will have to put up an article on using plasticard to make weapons like this.

Chaos warrior with custom sword

Chaos warrior with custom sword

Chaos warrior with custom sword

The Hero got some extra work done on him as well. Some of the folks at Dakkadakka.com had suggested that he could have a back-banner, which turned out to be an ace idea. It sort of adds some balance to the figure as a whole. It will also go well with the pennants that I want to have on various pole arms, standard posts, ect that will be sprinkled around the army.

Chaos warrior with custom sword

I’m glad that the core of the army is moving along at a good pace. I may need to take a day or so off from sculpting to take a break. I’ve been at this during every moment that I could spare lately from my other goings on. Must… keep… going…