Converting The BaC Dreadnought (part 3)

This dreadnought is nearing a point where I can start priming him. I’ve positioned the legs, added the final layers of detail (a few bits missing yet), and have completed his two plasma-blaster dread CCW arms.

The body received a bit of extra detail here and there. My goal is to have each of my dreadnoughts be fairly unique with little details that help define their individual character and some of their story. This one has some field repairs done on the outside of his carapace, a rerouted supplemental power feed or something.

Detailing and leg pose on the dread’s torso.
Some additional detail added to his hip and to the waist to help cover the mounting points.
I was inspired by the level of detail on the Forgeworld resin dreadnoughts. Get back to work Mike.


The arms of this dreadnought were an area where I wanted to hide some additional details. The idea here is that there are power feeds to his massive, weaponized arms. I like these being tucked under the arms a bit so that they are immediately noticeable. I like the idea that these details are there for someone who really studies the model.

Arm cables for the plasma weapons


Plasma blaster made from a 40k era plasmagun hidden in fist.


Once I get the parts completed and primed I am going to bust out the airbrush and some red paint! I’ll finish assembly once the basecoat and much of the detailing is complete.

Warriors of Chaos: Return of the Prince & Chariots

There is a new Warriors of Chaos book out for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  They have dragged me back in!  The good news is that this has motivated me to get back into some of the half-baked models that I created for previous incarnations of my WoC army.  Several of the previous conversions and sculpts that I created are going to get some attention, some new details, and finally… painted!  The two first items in the hopper will be the winged Tzeentch (sometimes Slannesh) Demonprince.  I love this model.  It’s one of my favorite creations and now with the new book actually has a great deal of utility in the game.  The flying Tzeentch DP was my MVP in the one game that I have played in the new army book.

One new item added to the book is the Gorebeast Chariot.  I have the perfect model for this unit!  When I initially got into doing WoC I determined that having chariots pulled by evil looking monsters would be fantastic, so I made this guy;

Apparently GW agreed with me and gave the warriors a new type of chariot.  This guy is going to get a bit of an overhaul.  New base, new riders (who don’t look like they are about to fall off the chariot) are going to happen.  I will probably add some more armor here and there to give the chariot some more meat.

It has been very satisfying to get back into the WoC, I am not going to lie.  It is also good to get back into this army and try to get it completed after many years!

RAMPAGE! (xenite’s ramble page)

I may have mentioned this before, but I am trying to turn on the hustle for my Warriors of Chaos army for the Midwest Rampage tournament! It will be my first tournament for WHFB! I am pretty stoked about it in general. I have a list that I am excited to run, even though I have been told it is a bit soft… I’m cool with that. Mostly I will just be happy to get the items in my list painted to the level that I am hoping for. I am rolling down there with two of my warhammer mentors John, and Chris*.

The chaos warriors of Slannesh are really starting to come around. They are different than I originally envisioned, but not in a bad way. There is an evolution to the way the army is looking, and I believe that is partially my vision, partially constraints of the medium, and also random bits of data, and inspiration that adds to the final result’s DNA. It is best that way.

One of those inspirations was the rediscovery of one of the most talented artists out there, Allan Carrasco. Check out his amazing work, you won’t regret it. Some of the latest additions in putty to my chaos warriors were seriously influenced by his work. Brilliant stuff.

I will be posting some more WIP shots very soon!

*They beat my ass at the game and say… “see, that is how it is done!”

Tomb King Rumors

Rumors about what the Tomb Kings will likely manifest as in the next edition of their army book have been floating around. If you are interested in checking them out, visit Plastic Legions to see what is coming out of the rumor mill.

This gets me to start thinking about my own Tomb King army. I left the project off back in 2007, and am looking forward to getting back into it. Once the new book comes out, I am going to make some choices about the direction that I would like the army to go, and try to focus it some. Where I left off the army was going to be the remnants of the forces of a powerful Prince from Araby, whos army was destroyed by a magical sand storm. A cult of necromancers, who had betrayed the Prince then raised the army for their own purposes (read jack Oldcoast’s Empire army!)

I like this back story a lot, and I still really like the Middle Eastern Army circa the Crusades (Inspired by the Saracins, and Bedouins). Mixing this with some of the rich imagery, and folklore from Arabian Nights still seems like it has huge potential. There are some units that I was having some trouble figuring out how to translate from Ancient Egyptian to 12th Century Islamic/Arabian Nights however. The chariots are the sticky one for sure. Undead War Elephants is the contender at the moment.

I think that once the new book comes out, I will have to sit down with the sketchbook, and feel some of these things out more fully. In any case, I am stoked that the Tomb Kings are going to be getting an update soon!

Tool Tip: Dremel Stylus

Quite a while ago I posted a bit about how I acquired a Dremel Stylus for my modeling kit. I was pretty stoked about this device when I got it, but didn’t get a whole lot of chance to use it… until recently.

This is what a Dremel Stylus looks like.  They are great.

I have been using this thing a ton lately. The chaos giant for my WHFB army required a huge amount of drilling, grinding, and cutting to accomplish what was needed for the extensive conversion that I have planned. Some of my Flames of War tanks needed some modification on their resin hulls (Eeek! Grinding resin!! If you do this, do it outside, and wear a face mask. Resin particles are super evil for your lungs). The chaos knights plastic kit has way too much ‘heavy metal’ going on in detail-land for me, so I wanted to remove some of this efficiently. The Stylus took care of these jobs with no problem.

The types of things I have the Stylus doing are pretty light-weight. I recommend that you avoid this tool for heavy work, as normal dremels can burn out if you put them to hard metals, or even large amounts of woodwork (or so I have heard). I have taken it to the body of a large metal mini in the past with pretty good results.

The ergonomic shape of the stylus is where this thing wins hands down. I have had other grinders in the past, and they were fine for house-hold tasks, but for mini work, they were cumbersome enough that I often just wouldn’t bother using them. My only complaint about the Stylus is that the two bit holders that it comes with are too large for some smaller bits, such as pin-vise drill bits. Smaller ones may be available, but I haven’t poked around for them yet. The other gripe about the stylus that other people have, is the price tag. I got mine for a shade over $100 after shipping. Honestly, if you can afford it, the price is totally worth it. I should have asked Dremel for a freebie to write this review! Hmmm…