This section of the little green monsters I am dedicating to little green tanks! I have really gotten into collecting, painting, and gaming with Flames of War miniatures. The scale is a lot of fun to work in, and the game is pretty excellent.

With all of the painting, and modeling that I have been doing lately for my FoW collection, the opportunity for more articles has come up. Check out any of the articles in this section, and feel free to comment with any comments or questions.

Painting Afrikakorps Vehicles for Flames of War

5 thoughts on “FLAMES OF WAR ARTICLES”

  1. Isn’t that a RaupenShlepper Ost? Designed for use in the extreme cold of Russia? Just wondering if they had those in Afrika.


  2. I have often wondered the same thing.

    This is a RaupenShlepper Ost, and I have never been sure why Battlezone packages two of them into the DAK Panzergreniderkompanie boxset.

  3. …ok, I am mistaken. The two RS Osts that I have came with the 10.5cm artillery set that I picked up. That explains it. I have a set of trucks that I can use with my 10.5cm set as well.

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