Eldar Autarch Work in Progress

I’ve been working on a new model for my Eldar collection. Eldar Autarch!


She’s kitted out with a Banshee mask, power weapon (maybe Shard of Anaris), Fusion pistol, Hawk wings, and Faolchu’s wing. She has extreme mobility and can perform a couple different jobs on the field.

Her natural Autarch ability of governing reserves is handy for the Falcon Cloudstrike, but what she really adds to the army is mobile support for other units. She can combo charge with another unit to shut down overwatch. Her fusion pistol makes her a threat against armor and ICs. She could work as a hunter in the opponent’s backfield as well stalking weaker support units and chaff. She can practically get anywhere on the table in a turn or two with either her epic run move or deep-strike from ongoing reserves. Her threat range is massive thanks to the Swooping Hawk Jump Pack.


She is a bit fragile, so that movement may be something used defensively as much as anything else.

Next step is to finish up the sculpting.  There are some rough areas on her legs which need to be cleaned up and some details which need to be refined. After that painting time.

Her CCW arm is magnetized so I can swap it with something else.  I am not certain that I am comfortable with her using a power halberd or some-such, so I may make a sword arm as well. The Shard of Anaris is fantastic for character hunting so I think that is something worth considering for her.  Its a pricey bit of wargear, so it may only appear in certain games.

I’m looking forward to getting this character onto the board.

green tide

green tide bottle

Mantic games has some nice pics of some of their new Orc range.  While I have really appreciated what Mantic has been up to over the last several years, I have to say that I have not been very blown away by their models.  Much of it was awfully skinny, and under developed looking.  I have really been impressed at what they have tried to achieve in terms of miniature design, but much of it has simply fallen flat for me.

The Green Tide approaches….

The Green Tide descends…….

These shots of the Orcs are an exception to this.  These are some sharp looking sculpts!  If they can carry this level of detail, and design into the rest of the line, this will be monumental for them.  They have a built in audience, and with GW’s new Orc book release, I think this line could do very well.  My only complaint, and its a small one, is that I feel that they weren’t creative enough with these sculpts (well, primarily the boar-rider).  One thing that I would like to see other manufacturers bring into games is variety, which will expand the world of whatever game they are used in.  In this case, they look a lot like the GW orcs.  For some people that is perfect I am sure, as it will allow them to mix models from the two ranges without any of them seeming out of place.

Great work Mantic!  Keep it up!

Demon Prince, and new Chaos Warriors

With Adepticon right around the corner, I am busting my butt to get my chaos army wrapped up. Here are some new images of the converted chaos warriors, and the Demon Prince.

Demon Prince Sculpt

Demon Prince Sculpt

Demon Prince Sculpt

Demon Prince Sculpt

The Demon Prince is the first fully sculpted miniature I have created.  There is a GW head from the zombie kit stuck into the armor of the demon.  It represents the soul of demon’s final adversary, who’s defeat which triggered his final accent to demonhood.  It was very fun to design, and create, although it took forever to complete. The wings took an especially long time.

Chaos Warriors with halberds

Chaos Warriors with halberds

These are two different chaos warrior units armed with halberds. The center 4 warriors, including the standard bearer, and the musician are represented by the giant mutant, and the task master behind it (not pictured), whipping it to motivate its rush into combat.

Thanks to John at Plastic Legions for help with the photos!