:: About Xenite ::

I’ve really been into the fantasy-land in my brain for a long time now (my whole life, I’m sure). Sometimes this magical place of wonder bleeds over the boundaries of other fantastic places, usually best described through some sort of game, movie, or book. Sometimes the amoeba like perimeter of this place oozes over the super wonder-place called reality! I encourage this unnatural and sticky occurrence with this website, but enough about ooze, back to me.

I have always been pretty good at sculpting, but not in any meaningful way until recently when my return to the gaming world gave me an excuse to do it more often. When I am not creating little green monsters, I try to get out of the house, explore, and get the most out of the observations I make about the rest of the (real) world. I like to get together with those who can tolerate my weirdness as well. That is pretty sweet when that happens.

‘Xenite’ is defined in the urban dictionary as a fan of the Xena the Warrior princess TV series. That’s not me, baby. I did see the show once, and this totally insane depiction of how cannibals cook people alive left an impression on me. Other than that I couldn’t tell you crap about the show. To say the least, the moniker Xenite, when applied to me, has nothing to do with Xena, or any other warrior princess for that matter.

8 thoughts on “:: About Xenite ::”

  1. Hi Xenite!!
    I’ve just discovered your blog, and I found it a great inspiration. Specially, the idea for the Slaaneshi Giant, what a wonderful job!! I’ve been thinking about this idea, and I find it really amazing. It could be a great entry for a Golden Demon. I wanted to ask you if you mind if I copied the idea to develop a Slaaneshi giant for myself. It wouldn’t be exactly the same but I think there would be a lot of elements recognisable from your original idea.
    Please, let me know what you think about this matter.
    Thanks for sharing your work and keep up the good job!

    1. Hi Rafael, feel free to run with any inspiration you get from that model. Let me know how it works out, I would love to see some pics.

  2. Hey there. It seems like you have a great Fantasy based blog here. I am the admin of a blog that aims to group the Fantasy blogs on the net together, making it easy for others to find people with similar tastes.

    You can find the blogs URL here: http://the-tradingpost.blogspot.com/

    I am hoping that you might consider doing a brief interview for the blog. If you look for ‘Trader of the Week’ on there, you’ll see the format. If you would like to take part, please send me an email (on the blog).

    Thanks a lot.

  3. Hey Xenite,

    I wrote to you a few years ago about your fantasy chaos stuff and you sent me a lovely reply, as always your kitbashing is the best thing on the web as far as I am concerned and thank you for the many many ideas that I have shamelessly ripped off in my time.

    When we spoke the first time you said you had kind of gone off the boil with the army, the reason I am writing is that I am looking to consolidate my fantasy forces before they dissapear for good with GW winding down the entire world that I love. Would you ever make an entire chaos army on commission? I imagine it would take a lot of time so just wanted to suss our if it was something you would even consider.

    Hope you are well, all the best.


    1. I am pretty slammed on freelance sculpting so I can’t take any commissions at the moment. Thanks for the great feedback, and feel free to show that work to anyone else who has open time for some work. Good luck!

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