Converting The BaC Dreadnought (part 3)

This dreadnought is nearing a point where I can start priming him. I’ve positioned the legs, added the final layers of detail (a few bits missing yet), and have completed his two plasma-blaster dread CCW arms.

The body received a bit of extra detail here and there. My goal is to have each of my dreadnoughts be fairly unique with little details that help define their individual character and some of their story. This one has some field repairs done on the outside of his carapace, a rerouted supplemental power feed or something.

Detailing and leg pose on the dread’s torso.
Some additional detail added to his hip and to the waist to help cover the mounting points.
I was inspired by the level of detail on the Forgeworld resin dreadnoughts. Get back to work Mike.


The arms of this dreadnought were an area where I wanted to hide some additional details. The idea here is that there are power feeds to his massive, weaponized arms. I like these being tucked under the arms a bit so that they are immediately noticeable. I like the idea that these details are there for someone who really studies the model.

Arm cables for the plasma weapons


Plasma blaster made from a 40k era plasmagun hidden in fist.


Once I get the parts completed and primed I am going to bust out the airbrush and some red paint! I’ll finish assembly once the basecoat and much of the detailing is complete.

Eldar Work In Progress

I’ve been inspired to revive an old, old, old love of mine.  The first minis I ever collected in any meaningful way were GW Eldar for 40k.  Recently I’ve been playing the occasional game of 6th ed, and was pretty excited about the new releases for the Eldar range, so I’ve been doing some 40k painting!  Another recent event in Xenland was the acquisition of a new airbrush.  I had my doubts about these devices, but they make painting groups of miniatures much faster!  I am expecially excited to use it to make some progress on vehicles for Bolt Action and Flames of War.  I digress…

This is a slight evolution of an Eldar paint scheme from years ago.  I am exited to bring it back to life.  The base coat is Vallejo ‘buff’ and then washed with the GW camo green wash (I forget what it’s actual name is).  Here are some shots of the work I accomplished this weekend on these minis:

Guardian Weapons


Guardian Squad work in progress


Guardian close up work in progress



Avatars of War Lizardman Hero & other bits

Lizardman Hero from AoW

Avatars of War Lizardman Hero

This isn’t super new news, but it is news to me. I have been digging the AoW work for sometime, and I think they really hit the mark with the lizardman hero here. The quasi-tyrannosaurus rex head is fantastic, and this model really does look like a boss critter! As I said I am into this model. I am not really all that thrilled by the paint job on it. Technically it is very sound, but the color choices, and the saturation with which they are applied is a bit too cartoony for my tastes. I’m sure that some folks love it. Avatars of War produce primarily a series of really nice hero character models for fantasy gaming. They are clearly aimed at the Warhammer market, and good work for them. These models seem like a good way to spice up an army project with some variation.

Chaos Trolls & other WIP

In other news I should be receiving a box of chaos spawn models to make trolls out of!! So next up on the work bench will be 9 (maybe 10) Chaos Trolls, Chaos Warriors with Halberds, and a Chaos Lord. My Chaos Knights, and Chariots need to get painted as well, which I am very excited about.

As I hone my various point lists, I will dive back into the model for the Demon Prince. I have a design in my head which I will share here in the not too distant future. His role in my army comes and goes, especially in lower point value games (2k, 2200) so he is a bit on the back burner for the moment.