Tomb King Rumors

Rumors about what the Tomb Kings will likely manifest as in the next edition of their army book have been floating around. If you are interested in checking them out, visit Plastic Legions to see what is coming out of the rumor mill.

This gets me to start thinking about my own Tomb King army. I left the project off back in 2007, and am looking forward to getting back into it. Once the new book comes out, I am going to make some choices about the direction that I would like the army to go, and try to focus it some. Where I left off the army was going to be the remnants of the forces of a powerful Prince from Araby, whos army was destroyed by a magical sand storm. A cult of necromancers, who had betrayed the Prince then raised the army for their own purposes (read jack Oldcoast’s Empire army!)

I like this back story a lot, and I still really like the Middle Eastern Army circa the Crusades (Inspired by the Saracins, and Bedouins). Mixing this with some of the rich imagery, and folklore from Arabian Nights still seems like it has huge potential. There are some units that I was having some trouble figuring out how to translate from Ancient Egyptian to 12th Century Islamic/Arabian Nights however. The chariots are the sticky one for sure. Undead War Elephants is the contender at the moment.

I think that once the new book comes out, I will have to sit down with the sketchbook, and feel some of these things out more fully. In any case, I am stoked that the Tomb Kings are going to be getting an update soon!

New project shots coming soon!

…most likely tomorrow.

I have been making some fine progress on my Chaos army of Slannesh. As usual, I seem to have made the models for this project more complex than I probably needed to, but I think that these are going to be sick when they are done.

On the workbench now is a unit of 10 (soon to be 20) Cultists of Slannesh (my interpretation of Chaos Marauders), 30 Chaos Warriors of Slannesh, 2 chaos spawn, and 10 chaos puppies. The dogs are finished, and ready to paint. The cultists are next up, and I will be posting images here as they progress. Stay tuned!