New Warriors (coming soon)

I have the base of 30+ new Chaos Warriors done. I need to add arms, and the final layer of armor. These guys have been MUCH easier to produce than the first 30. I suppose I learned a lot with the first set.

These guys are going to have halberds as their weapon of choice. I have to say that I was really happy to see that the halberd gained a bit more utility in 8th ed. WHFB. I really like the way that ranked up units with pole-arms look. The halberds are going to be created in a similar way to the ones that the chariot riders are carrying.

The centerpiece of each unit is going to be a particularly chaotic standard bearer, an overgrown, and savage mutant with the standard mounted into it’s back, to keep its amputated, weapon attached arms free to go at the enemy. This will be based on an Ogre model that looks like a cross between the chaos warriors themselves, and the trolls that I have done in the past. One of the inspirations for this model was the creepy, massive, Persian executioner from the movie 300. This guy will be mounted on a 50×50 base, along with one or two other chaos warriors (who will be holding chains to restrain the creature). This breaks up the form of the otherwise very regimented looking unit. This is something that I have seen other modelers do, especially with chaos mutants, and Orc units. I think its a great way to give a rank and file unit a bit more character.

I will post pics as soon as I can get an opportunity to take them!