RAMPAGE! (xenite’s ramble page)

I may have mentioned this before, but I am trying to turn on the hustle for my Warriors of Chaos army for the Midwest Rampage tournament! It will be my first tournament for WHFB! I am pretty stoked about it in general. I have a list that I am excited to run, even though I have been told it is a bit soft… I’m cool with that. Mostly I will just be happy to get the items in my list painted to the level that I am hoping for. I am rolling down there with two of my warhammer mentors John, and Chris*.

The chaos warriors of Slannesh are really starting to come around. They are different than I originally envisioned, but not in a bad way. There is an evolution to the way the army is looking, and I believe that is partially my vision, partially constraints of the medium, and also random bits of data, and inspiration that adds to the final result’s DNA. It is best that way.

One of those inspirations was the rediscovery of one of the most talented artists out there, Allan Carrasco. Check out his amazing work, you won’t regret it. Some of the latest additions in putty to my chaos warriors were seriously influenced by his work. Brilliant stuff.

I will be posting some more WIP shots very soon!

*They beat my ass at the game and say… “see, that is how it is done!”