Some painted minis…

I recently learned a bit more about how to use my camera, editing RAW photos, and purchased a new set of lights. This has inspired me to take some photos of my recent miniature work to get a bit better at taking photos. Check ’em out!

Not much of my Warmachine stuff is painted. I did manage to paint these deliverers and one of the heavy jacks for my Menoth army. These guys were a lot of fun to paint, and I hope I can get into the rest of the army some day.

Here are a bunch of units for my US 3rd Armor army for Flames of War. At the moment I am focusing on Germans for my practice, and tournaments, but I will always have a soft spot for the G.I.s!

Flames of War Sherman tank

Stuart tanks for Flames of WarStuarts! These tanks rock in the game, and these were fun to paint. They are a bit of a conversion job. I rebuilt their barrels out of wire, and greenstuff, as well as added some bits of detail in putty to give them a more well used look. The decals on all of these vehicles really look great if you use some green to make them look chipped up, and slightly covered with dirt.

US 105mm Artillery Cannon

US 105mm BatteryThis is one of my two artillery batteries that I have for my US Flames of War army. I also have a 155mm battery to accompany these boys!

Windy City Miniatures on Facebook

Windy City Miniatures on Facebook

James and Cathy Wapple, have started a dedicated Facebook page for Windy City Miniatures. Those of you on Facebook should check it out periodically to see some fantastic images of miniatures as it grows.

If you aren’t familiar with their work, check out their Facebook page, or visit their site at

Chaos Warriors Painted

I’ve been working on painting my Chaos Warriors for my Slannesh army. These guys are 3 that are essentially done. The rest of the 30 man unit is almost at that same spot. These photos aren’t the best, I got a crappy exposure on these. Once I get the unit done I will have to post some new pics.

Chaos Warrior of Slannesh Champion by Aaron Schmidt

– Chaos Warrior Champion –

Chaos Warrior of Slannesh by Aaron Schmidt

– Chaos Warrior –

Chaos Warrior of Slannesh by Aaron Schmidt

– Chaos Warrior –

Chaos Warrior of Slannesh Champion by Aaron Schmidt

– Chaos Warrior Champion –

Chaos Warrior of Slannesh by Aaron Schmidt

– Chaos Warrior –

As I do more of these, I get better at the paint job. I guess that this isn’t very surprising. It makes me excited to move onto the knights, and the chariots!

Painting Inspiration

There is a great series of shots of some of Alexi-Z’s amazing High Elves. I had the opportunity to see some of these in person years ago. Its amazing how tight these paint schemes are when you see them outside of photography!

Check out this link to see the article

I have only a few units to build up before I have the base of my Chaos Warriors ready to paint. Ive had 4 games of 2400 point 8th ed. and I am slowly seeing some great options for Chaos Warriors. This article is really getting me inspired to start painting!

Indecision, and learning how to paint again.

FINALLY I’ve begun painting some miniatures for my Chaos army. I got going with the chaos cultist unit, and while things have been progressing fairly well, I have run into some snags. I haven’t done any painting in over a year*, so my skills have become a bit rusty. To add to that issue, I decided to change the skin-tone on my chaos cultists halfway through painting the unit! Actually this last part is a blessing in disguise. I initially viewed this army as one part dark cloth, or metal, with super pale, purple tinted skin. What I’ve just come up with is that having the skin be pale, but with different tones here and there to break up the scheme a bit would be really cool. If I can pull it off in the end, I think it will be very cool.

Some of these shots are pretty blown out thanks to using a flash. This pops the contrast of the paint scheme a great deal, and as that I shot them in RAW, you can really see the paint transitions, so my fades look like hell. They look far better in person. I probably do need to use more light when painting. 😛

Chaos Cultist Work in Progress

Chaos Cultist Work in Progress

This is how I started the paint scheme. It was supposed to be a bluish tinted skin. Instead of a weird Slanneshi look, I ended up with something that looks a bit more undead than anything.

Chaos Cultist Work in Progress

Here I’ve switched to a purple color, and didn’t use washes as much, so the skin looks cleaner. I feel like the highlights need another pass on the skin, and some pronounced shadows. The camera flash really flattens these minis out, and makes the highlights look more drastic than they are.

Chaos Cultist Work in Progress

I was pretty happy with the way that the unit champion turned out. His shading/highlight is about the effect I would like for the whole unit.

Chaos Cultist Work in Progress

“OMG! I love Blueman Group!!!!” Yeah, um – this guy isn’t going to be a Smurf or anything. It is essentially the base coat for the blue ones. The highlight will cause these guys to blend in with the unit a bit more.

On these I’ve painted the blue as a retrofit over the skin-tone. I use quite watered down paint in thin coats which allows me to get away with this kind of thing. Its easy to paint straight out of the bottle, but I don’t recommend it. The extra work that thinning your paint creates is totally worth it to get a smooth finish.

*Not entirely true: I have painted a good deal of Flames of War miniatures, but those I am doing to a lessor level than that of my 28mm+ miniatures, so all those show is that I remember which end of the paintbrush to dip into the paint.

Brushthralls going away?

It sure seems that way. Brushthralls is a collective of very talented miniature painters who’s site has provided some amazing tutorials, and inspiration for the masses. Their focus has been on Warmachine miniatures, and had a relationship with Privateer Press for some time. They don’t go into to much detail as to why they are ‘retiring’, I have no idea what the big ‘C’ is. Take a look at their site while it is still up, especially their excellent tutorial section. They will be missed.

projects update – Imperial Guard, Genestealers

I have been juggling several projects lately (well… I always am actually). Here is an update covering what has been going on.

My Imperial guard army has been a labor of love and hate for the last several years, and only recently have I been able to get the units to start coming together the way that I had hoped. My recent re-discovery of the Mechanized Company (Lots of soldiers riding around in tanks) has given me some new focus for the project.

I had posted some images earlier showing some modifications that I had been planning for my Chimera tanks. Several days ago I finished the mold, and made some casts.

chimera tanks with resin cast componants attached

These components, because they are fairly large are very easy to cast with good results. Because they are fairly shallow, and open ended, I can easily pour resin into the molds with little problems with air bubbles. As anyone who has done amateur resin casting knows, air bubbles that stick to your mold and create voids in your casts are a huge pain in the ass. This is the very problem that is holding up the heavy weapon teams for this project (more about that later).

Because the tanks need something to carry around, I have been trying to get some platoons finished up. Here is part of the 1st platoons A squad.

close up of IG troopers

In addition to my IG tanks and troopers, I have also been doing a little work here and there on a squad of Genestealers. I have been inspired to work on these since the test pieces that I did several months ago. In the shot below there are several bodies in a early phase of conversion. I want their poses to be more varied than what I often see in other Tyranid collections.