Table update

This is not the proper next phase of the game table project as I don’t have any update pictures.  I did, however get the panels spray painted.  After coating the boards with brown spray, I pulled out some patches, and highlighted the hills with a light tan color.  It’s been a while since I had done any large area spray painting, and while I made sure there was a good flow of air, the basement reeked of acetone & aerosol.  This quickly dissipated (into my apartment where it lingered for an hour or so), such is the way of the hobby life.

I hit up John for some advice on the next stage: flocking.  I have tone of static grass, but I think I will try to hunt down some light green flock as well to change up the texture a bit.  I’d love to add some grass tufts here and there as well, but I am not sure I can find a cost effective way to do so.  The next stage prior to laying down flock and grass will to do some highlighting.  The way I applied the tan spray brought up some of the detail in the sandy texture, but some proper drybrushing should help.

I will try to get some shots up in the next day or two (its depending on the weather at this point due to a lack of substantial light in the basement).