Bolt Action Armies

With another Operation Sting in the bag, I’m finding myself very motivated to work on minis for that system. The Soviet Scout army is coming along well and there are more Russians on the way in the form of a Tankovy company (more on that soon). In addition to the Soviets, I’m getting into an Australian 9th Division army project.

I’m basing this project around the Perry Brothers plastic Desert Rats kit. These minis are the first plastics from the Perrys that I’ve worked with and so far it seems to be a cool kit!

This is a very detailed kit which may be a bit of a challenge for those intimidated by those who aren’t very much into the modelling aspects of this hobby. This feels like a scale model kit more than wargamining miniatures due to the vast amount of parts which come on each sprue.

Luckily I’m into this sort of thing. I did lots of models groing up befor getti g into gaming and I appreciate the Perrys for their attention to detail and craft with this kit. Loads of options in terms of gear and even some alternative heads for making LRDG or SAS figures. This headswap requires some cutting, but it shouldnt be much of a challenge for most hobbyists.

Shown above is my sprue processing system in action… not much of a system; clip thing, find where it rocketed to the floor, put in tub to be cleaned later. One interesting bit to these minis is their independant helmets & hats. That is something of a unique attribute to these minis, and one which works for me as I’m intending to slap some Aussie brimmed hats on some of these guys.

Getting these guys prepped is the bext step then its back to doing some final paintin on the Soviets as well as some sculpting. I’ll share some more pics over the weekend!

Author: Aaron Schmidt

Horrorshow Minis

3 thoughts on “Bolt Action Armies”

  1. The Perry kits are wicked cool. I did the DAK one a while back, and was thoroughly impressed.

    One thing to watch, though… with the DAK models, I felt the hats all sat a little to high on the heads, as if the heads were just a pip too big. I ended up shaping them a little, like almost conical, to get the headgear seated properly. Don’t know if this kit will be the same but definitely dry fit them first.

    Can’t wait to see the results. Motivates me to get the Desert version of my Gebirgsjager done too.

    1. Right on, thanks for the advice. May get some work on these on the site over the next weekend/week. Someday we’ll have to get in a desert game!

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