Terrain for the new table: Urban Buildings

I firmly believe that complexity can be mitigated by efficient production in hobby projects.  The assembly line is your best friend.

A while ago I started tinkering with a system to create a series of urban buildings for Flames of War for city, or more dense sub-urban areas of Europe (perhaps including smallish cities such as Carentan, ect. ).  The premise of this terrain building methodology was to use foam-core to create the general form of the buildings (think a box with door, and window holes in it) and then add layers of applique detail as needed to achieve the results I wanted.

Today I stumbled across this article on TTGN.  I need to look into these buildings to see if they would fill the role that the foam-core would as described above.  They certainly would be more expensive, but would also be more sturdy, and would take a laborious step out of the process.

I am very interested in the laser-cut trend that is happening right now in gaming accessories.  These buildings may be a must have for my future terrain collection, or they may simply be the motivator for me to get off my ass and make my own buildings.


Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

3 thoughts on “Terrain for the new table: Urban Buildings”

  1. I truly appreciate the DIY thing as you know, but its just not worth it for 15mm building as there is tons of Resin out there for under $10 a building check out our friends at Warweb…for $100, basically 2 hours of your employment time you’d have a whole table..while building a whole table out foam core or balsa or even laser cut stuff is a 50+ hour job…you got to pick your battles. while 15mm might be smaller it sure isnt any faster.

  2. Yeah… the thing that I am a bit hung up on is that I don’t like too many of the buildings out there. They are either too small, too expensive or too ruined. I am going to try making a few, and if I hate working on those, I will reconsider buying buildings.

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