Gaming table phase 1

Here is the gaming table that I am working on. Its a 2 part modular table with several built in hills. I may add some more variation to the surface in the form of the topographic hills, but I want to make sure that adding items like rivers, roads, and woods isn’t too difficult. This sucker is pretty big at 8’x4′. It will be set on the dining room table for games, as opposed to a dedicated gaming table frame. Next step is to model some rocky patches peaking out of the hills, and to patch the layers of pink foam hills with spackle wall filler.

Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

3 thoughts on “Gaming table phase 1”

  1. You know where I’m going to go with my response.

    The hills are beautiful, but climbing models up some of those slopes is going to be murder. Your Flames of War stuff will work really well with them, though, as will 40k stuff.

    1. I think that it will work fine for FoW, WHFB, and ancients. Some of the slopes will require units to have magnetic basing if they are on movement trays, but that is the case with almost any terrain. Much of the slopes would be fine for war machine but I’d probably create a different table for that game.

  2. I just had an interesting idea. I may add some rocky outcroppings on the steeper areas of the hills. These areas could be impassable, or difficult terrain during play. It would break up the consistent green of the flock.

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