Citadel Finecast Review

A chap on Dakka named legion4500 (I like that name. I kind of imagine that he is a computer from the early 90s) got his mits on one of the new, and controversial Citadel Finecast models form good ole GW. Here is a link to his review of this new product.

Essentially GW is recreating their metal line in some sort of 3d printed plastic medium. Some folks are bothered by this because change is scary. Some love it because they consider metal a pain in the ass. The price is going up on these models which is not surprising, but a bit difficult to stomach*. I am a bit sad to see that the quality isn’t as dead on as some initial insight seemed to think it would be. I imagine that this will improve in time. I am curious to compare one of these models to the various resin lines out there, and Privateer Press’ plastic line.

Special thanks to pokeminiatures for pointing this dakka post out to me.

*I really try to avoid bitching about prices associated with GW products. GW should make a profit off their hard work, and we aren’t entitled to a certain price-point. That being said, I am seeing more and more people being put off by the price. It is more difficult for people to impulse buy there way into the hobby with things the way they are. I used to not have too much trouble with the prices personally, but now I don’t think I can afford much more of GW’s stuff. There is a point where their pricing will have a chilling effect on their sales. I wonder if they are nearing it.

Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

8 thoughts on “Citadel Finecast Review”

  1. I read that review, That is dude is high if he likes all that “baggage: he lists., as the air bubbles, the miscast bloter…the bent staff that you need to blow dry and put in the freezer. and the material so soft you need worry about gouging it.. more than metal…to each his own I guess…personally I’d be a zillion times happier with a rock solid metal model and my extra dollar. check out the close up of the empire captain on Sigmar’s site.I compared it to simlilar close ups of my painted metal one and my metal one is clearly better…I agree this material is as detail sharp or sharper than metal in places for sure…but I still see enough cons…that this whole episode is just a cost cutting scam with PR machine to put ting a bow it for the fanboys. I’ll say more when I see one in my hands…

  2. With the notable propensity for chipped paint that metal models used in games has, I prefer it’s properties to those described in the post. Some of the bending that the PP plastic stuff has drives me nuts for example.

  3. LOL, I just read that whole thread and that model has numerous miscasts
    they’re already dropping the term “Fail Cast” in that very thread got to love Dakka for its epic love/hate rage.

    You know I dont have too many problems with chipping
    skirmish models more so than WFB…but usually just pointy edges…I’d surely rather touch a model up from time to time..than deal with the crap in that post.
    also I find the PP plastic very strong and durable. I dont have enough kits
    to have anything bent yet..normally hot water does the trick

    Plastics not all its cracked up to be…I had an epic fail trying to magnetize my Helljack- my magnets where not strong enough for the plastic (wtf??) and I didnt really put the magnet in the right place on the ball joint, and the receiving end of the arm did have enough depth to get the right magnet in the arm. I should have just shopped for the proper magnets..I thought I could make it work and just F’d the whole thing up…the only way to fix it was GS and pick a profile and glue it up so I did…so I have two extra sets of arms now. My fault sure, but .I should have just bought the metal model….LOL

  4. After reading the Fine Cast reviews on Dakka, it seems that GW has finally lost its mind. Seems as if every product being reviewed has minor casting issues and most have major issues. Fortunately, I need to buy none of these products 🙂
    I feel sorry for the guys in AZ and other hot lands – first time these new figs get left in the car, they are going to melt into a puddle of plastic. Makes me wonder if they will even survive shipping.

    1. Wow, I didnt even think of that. The standard plastic GW models will melt under some circumstances, I hadn’t even considered what it would be like for resin and Finecast models. Amoeba-marines! HURRR!

    2. Its not that they lost their minds. they think their customers are complete idiots who’ll believe anything they throw at them in order to increase profits. They think their brand loyalty is bulletproof and untouchable after all these years and they are right. The excuse making and people defending them on recent actions is akin to Stockholm Syndrome of something.

  5. I have all the citadel minis I will ever need and will not be buying any finecast.Being a twenty year vet of the hobby I am dissapointed to see the metal minis gone.Upon the release of the resin I went out and bought the metal minis I needed for the Dark Eldar.With that I am done with them.

  6. They have lost their minds and I saw it coming years ago, they just got too greedy for their own good, I am getting the last minis I need and refuse to buy their failcast versions since all they are is a way to cut costs ans jack prices, not to mention the ridiculous advertisement:”due to high demand we can’t sell more than 5 fincasts???” that is truly incredible baloney! I hope they come to their senses and bring metal back.

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