Brandon Kutka, 1970-2011

I wanted to let everyone who reads this blog know that we have lost a fantastic member of the gaming community here in Chicago.

Our friend Brandon Kutka died this morning from swelling of the brain which was brought on by previously undetected Leukemia.

Brandon, along with Tom Wright opened up Black Sun Games at a time when the city of Chicago was seriously lacking game-shops.  A great gaming community sprouted over time thanks to Brandon’s efforts to make Black Sun Games an awesome spot.

I met Brandon several years ago, shortly after Black Sun Games opened.  He was very enthusiastic about the store and getting involved with local gamers.  In the time that I got to know him we often discussed painting, collecting, gaming, and occasionally he was able to get games in with folks when the store duties weren’t keeping him busy.  Our time as friends was far too short.

Rest in peace, Brandon.

Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

6 thoughts on “Brandon Kutka, 1970-2011”

  1. On Behalf of Brandon’s brothers and mother thank you for posting such kind words. Brandon was loved by so many and will be missed greatly.

  2. Just heard from my daughter, Melissa Kupski Sullivan that Brandon had passed away. Life is so short.

    Our deepest condolences to family.

    Also, just found out that your Father had passed away this past December.

  3. I served with Brandon in Augsburg Germany. My best to his family though a couple years late. I saw a video on people who have died who used to serve at the Field Station in Augsburg and saw his name. I think of him often. There was an event that made an impression on me, and I still tell it a few times a year. RIP Kutka.

  4. My deepest condolences to Brandon’s family. I was a friend of Brandon’s, we met, oh, has to have been about 13 years now maybe, and he introduced me to some wonderful gamers who I was honored to call friend, as much as I did him. Its sadly ironic that I was looking him up just a few years ago, just as I started going thru a health crisis of my own, and wanted to try to reconnect as we had lost touch over the years. I know he loved his wife deeply, and that is probably one of my fondest memories I have of him, was that devotion to the things he believed in. He is deeply missed.

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