Fixing the High Elf Spearman

*While in the process of trying to get some pics of some of my new Chaos creations, I decided to make live a draft of a post that I have been working on for a while.

I commonly hear people complain about the plastic High Elf Spearman kit. When you consider the bizarre proportions of the models that the kit makes, you can’t really blame folks.

I actually really like this kit. It needs a ton of loving before the models will look good, no doubt. The criticism that the proportions are way off is dead on, and is pretty much to blame for the cartoon look of the HE spearmen. If you address the proportions some, the models actually start to look pretty good. Here is my prototype for a High Elf Spearman.

High Elf Spearman Work In Progress

I did 3 distinct things to this model to get it to look better. The first thing to do was to add about 1-2 mm of waist length under the torso component. This was accomplished with a simple shaped wad of fresh greenstuff. If made much longer, I would need to pin the torso to the leg piece as well. The next step was to position the arms in a more natural, and interesting way. For some reason the GW stock kit makes the elf look like he is floating in an inner-tube in the water. The last thing was to add about 2 mm of length to the space between the foot and the bottom of their skirts. This helps the legs not look too short after the waist is adjusted. After this the proportions are better, not perfect, but better.

Obviously, I also added a lot of details to this model with putty. This captures the look I want for a High Elf soldier far better than the rather bland details the existing kit has. This is a matter of personal taste, not really a criticism of the GW kit. I also wanted their spears to be longer so I replaced the shaft of the plastic one with 1/16th” aluminum tubing.  Eventually the shield will receive a press mold applique.

As I said, I really do like this kit. I think it has a lot of flexibility in the ways that the models can be posed thanks to the way that most of the major body parts are their own piece. Some of the newer kits seem to be designed to lock into a particular position, and would be more difficult to vary their poses.  Oh, and I bet you are wondering what happened to his left foot.  He lost it in a de-basing accident.  It will give me an excuse to learn to sculpt elf kicks!

Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

9 thoughts on “Fixing the High Elf Spearman”

  1. Really nice work there. That elf actually looks like… AN ELF!! The thing is, can you be bothered to do a nice ol’ horde of these guys? -__^ I think you have done a good job to an OK kit.

    1. Compared to the chaos warriors this is a very easy conversion. All the work is in the armor bits, and that really is the fun part!

  2. I like it – the longer spear in particular looks good reminds you of the Macedonian Phalanx would be more appropriate now that Spears can attack in 4 ranks in 8th Edition.

  3. Great conversion, love it. I’ve converted a few, not to that level, though, some plastic white lions before the newest stuff came available.

    In the end though, I still hate elves, I’m such a racist when it comes to elves. lol.

    1. I am into the new white lion models, but $41 for 10 of them is a bit rich for my blood. I may convert some spear elves into them. I am going to take a look at the new GW models in person to decide, it may be an opportunity cost issue.

  4. Hey Aaron, your stuff is truly inspiring. What you’ve done with the HE Spearman makes me want to buy and convert a whole new unit.

  5. Hey Aaron,

    hence i’m somewhat new to sculpting is searched google for nice Pics of Scalemaile from Greenstuff but i found out, that your astonishing elf uses no GS, whats this brown mass? is it easy to use and has it mayor features that make more usefull than GS in this place?

    I’m still asking myself how GW made those tiny rectangular scales on the HE skirts…i cant copy their skill for fixes or armor extension.

    May you have some tricks for me? Your answer is important tome, cos im trying to build a High Elf with exchangeable arms and so, but the arms i want to use dont fit as they are 🙂

  6. I really have to say I´m impressed. I´ve been trying to gather up ideas for my Caledorian Spear units (Have to assemble to 30 men full command units while trying to get it right). I must admit that this conversion work is superb, but I don´t see myself doing such a detailed work on anything off of a command units.
    As they are Caledorian Spearmen I´ve been thinking on spicing mine up with some Dragon princes spare bits (You get lots after assembling the box, specially extra shields) and Prince and Noble kits (As modular as the spear ones and also giving off plenty of spare bits after assembling the models). Your custom spear kind of reminds me of the one at the Noble and Prince Kit;

    1. I think mixing dragon prince parts with the spearelves would be fantastic. The big take away from fixing the spearelves is the adjustment to the proportions. If you look at the head/torso/arm ratios, they aren’t too bad. Its those in comparison to the legs, and feet that is where the model looks squirrely.

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