Crystal Brush!

I love that the painting competition world is growing. The Crystal Brush seems like the next biggie! First Prize: $10,000!!

With a grand prize like that I wonder how likely it will be that this competition will be annual. The painting skills displayed at Adepticon this year will be insane! I can’t wait.

Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

7 thoughts on “Crystal Brush!”

  1. Glad to see some people are excited about the Crystal Brush. Far too many people complain about painting contests and they complain all the louder with a big prize for the winner. I have a feeling its mostly hobby gamers – they have no problem competing in a 40K tournament with 400 people, but they get all worked up about a painting competition.

    Hopefully the Crystal Brush will draw painters from the wider community – military painting & the like. We may see a competition that puts the Golden Demon to shame.

    1. I think that the more hard-core painting competitions out there the better. I suppose there could be some greater set of levels to give more people somewhere to place, but I am not sure how to accomplish that. I don’t get the complaints about painting competitions being too tough… I mean, it sucks to be way out of your league, but what are organizers supposed to do, disqualify entrants because they are too good? At least when an ace painter kicks our ass in a painting competition they aren’t a-holes to our face while it happens. 😉

  2. lets start a pool to see who wins..we can surely pick the top 10…then its anybodies game..that kind of dough will bring in everyone who can physically get here. Is this a completely separate event than the Rogue Demon?, if so I think its great idea.

  3. Amateur vs Professional, the separation is as old competition itself.
    I think the gap between those two rankings when it comes to painting is way way bigger than gap between first and last place in 400 person 40K event.
    anyway I was just curious…I am psyched to see all top painters in one place.

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