Avatars of War Lizardman Hero & other bits

Lizardman Hero from AoW

Avatars of War Lizardman Hero

This isn’t super new news, but it is news to me. I have been digging the AoW work for sometime, and I think they really hit the mark with the lizardman hero here. The quasi-tyrannosaurus rex head is fantastic, and this model really does look like a boss critter! As I said I am into this model. I am not really all that thrilled by the paint job on it. Technically it is very sound, but the color choices, and the saturation with which they are applied is a bit too cartoony for my tastes. I’m sure that some folks love it. Avatars of War produce primarily a series of really nice hero character models for fantasy gaming. They are clearly aimed at the Warhammer market, and good work for them. These models seem like a good way to spice up an army project with some variation.

Chaos Trolls & other WIP

In other news I should be receiving a box of chaos spawn models to make trolls out of!! So next up on the work bench will be 9 (maybe 10) Chaos Trolls, Chaos Warriors with Halberds, and a Chaos Lord. My Chaos Knights, and Chariots need to get painted as well, which I am very excited about.

As I hone my various point lists, I will dive back into the model for the Demon Prince. I have a design in my head which I will share here in the not too distant future. His role in my army comes and goes, especially in lower point value games (2k, 2200) so he is a bit on the back burner for the moment.

Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

4 thoughts on “Avatars of War Lizardman Hero & other bits”

    1. They are coming along pretty well. I’ve got the basic parts assembled, as well as some cusory greenstuff put on them. I’ve been pondering how to make their heads… I’m thinking that they will simmilar to other minis in the army in that they will have armored face-masks. Otherwise I think some tusks and some pronounced ears would look cool.

  1. Hey Aaron, I;ve been meaning to tell you how much I enjoy this blog. We need to talk about converting charriots. I know I’ll want one one day for my daemon army.

    Also, I appreciate you putting CitizenNick Hobby center in your blog roll, but I post almost exclusivly at 2nd City Warzone now. I’ll have a chaos related post hopefully on monday for yah.

    1. Thanks man! It was awesome to catch up with you a bit at Adepticon. If you are ever out in the world and want to hang out, lemme know. I will have to catch up with the 2nd city warzone soon!

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