Manticore, Chariots, Warriors… oh my!

Victory! I found my charger, so now I can get on with my life. I did a serious crunch to get the vast majority of my Slanneshi army done for Rampage 5*. By done, I mean more or less converted and some primer put down…. yeah.

I was sweating it a little, but in the end I reminded myself that with a little surface treatment (scraping, sanding), I could put more putty down on top of the primer coat. This allows me to go back over the models, sand out really rough areas, add some more detail, and finish them up in general.

Chaos Warriors of Slannesh Work in Progress
– Chaos warriors, now with cooler swords, and shields! –

Chaos Chariot Work in Progress
– Chariot #1. I am looking forward to doing another one of these to carry a hero around on.

Chaos Chariot Work in Progress
– Chariot #2 –

I am very happy with the way that the chariots came together. They are each pulled by a tortured, vicious chaos spawn. The chains, cables, and creepy implements were a very interesting addition to work with. This idea started off with the Giant who is still in progress, and I think will carry nicely across the entire army.

Xenite's interpretation of a Manticore
– Chaos Lord on a Manticore –

I still have a great deal of work to do on this model. I am going to add a saddle, some reigns, more detail onto its helmet, and some additions to the Lord. A lot of people at Rampage asked if the head was from a Legion of Everblight model from Privateer Press. This occurred to me after I sculpted it, and I suppose that isn’t too surprising as I have a lot of the Everblight line creeping around my studio. The similarities were subconscious I believe. Some of the additions that I have in mind may hide some of the similarities in the long run.

Chaos Knights of Slannesh
– Who doesn’t love Chaos Knights?!? –

Chaos Knights of Slannesh

*Also known as ‘A plague of Dryads-fest 2010’.

Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

8 thoughts on “Manticore, Chariots, Warriors… oh my!”

    1. Hah, yeah. It’s the eyeless, armored thing, I think. I have some more work to do on it. I’m out of greenstuff again, so that’s a hold up for the moment.

  1. Xenite, these are absolutely superb ! Would you mind if I showed some of these off on the Miniatures Gallery blog ? ( I use it to post great painting, modeling and inspirational ideas from around the Warhammer blogosphere and internet.

    Keep up the excellent work,

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