Bloody Holdup

It may be a bit of time before I can get some new pics up of new work. My camera’s battery charger is missing, and either I will have to order a new one, or find the damn thing. Either way that is holding up sharing whats been going on with you all! Hopefully that won’t be too long.

I received a ton of fantastic feedback from folks at Rampage regarding my miniatures. This has me very inspired to really push some of the elements that have been very successful up to this point. My friend Jason was by last night, and he gave me some very valuable creative criticism about maintaining some of themes across the various units, and different ways to achieve this. The ornate armor, the masked faces, contrasting with bare flesh really is the look of this group of miniatures. He had some fantastic ideas on ways to bring this into the chaos knights some more, especially their horses, which is something that hadn’t really occurred to me before. Frankly, once I was done grinding off all the extraneous spikes, chains, and blades* off of them, I was ready to consider them done, but Jason called it right that they could be pushed farther.

Well, hopefully I will be able to share some new pics for you soon!

* I don’t really have a problem with this type of detail in principle. Blades, spikes, and such are fantastic detail for chaos stuff, but whoever designed kits like the knights, kind of put those details all over the models. This ruins the composition in my opinion. I noticed that taking off a few of these details, the ones that remained suddenly had a great deal of presence, and looked pretty cool. Massing details like that took away their significance, and muddied the waters of the miniature’s design. The more of something extreme you have in one instance, the less effect it will have in the composition.

Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

3 thoughts on “Bloody Holdup”

  1. Isn’t that a bit typical of GW’s production in general?

    If one skull is good, an entire pit of them (all face up for some bizarre reason) must be super-awesome!

    If one blood drop is good, then putting blood drops and wings all over the model must make them super-Blood Angels.

    And the chaos helmets! No wonder they’re always in a bad mood, those horns/wings/fins/blades/etc. must always get hung up on something.

    I can hear it now, “I swear to Khorne himself, the next time this damned helmet gets caught exiting the landraider I’m going to leave it behind!”

    No wonder so many models go bare-headed…

    1. Hah! So true. GW gets it right periodically, but every once in a while they kind of wiff. I had a piece that I wanted to do of a Black Templar Marine stepping on his own tabbard-loincloth-thing during a charge: “FOR THE EMPEROOOOHHHHCRAP!…” was going to be the title. Don’t even get me started on Night Lords, or the ‘red period’ Chaos Dwarves.

      The more extravagant headgear, and ornamentation works a bit better in fantasy in my opinion. The bunny ears that Khorne warriors always seem to sport work in a fantasy setting in my opinion. Its kind of like the crazy additions that some Samurai (albeit that was sometimes just for ceremony) had on their helmets.

      1. Not only Samurai, but Greek hoplites and Roman Centurions as well.

        Some historians hypothesize that the Greek Corinthian style of helmet was to create a stylized skull facing your opponent and to shade the eyes allowing the iris to open more and improve your vision, and the horsehair crests were to increase height and the fear factor.

        Of course, neither the Greeks nor the Romans had to deal with Rhinos or Land Raiders…

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