9 thoughts on “Random Images of Work in Progress”

  1. End of next week. I’m looking to simply put a base coat down for the tournament. I don’t want to rush the painting just for this one event.

    1. Well… That was on the wrong blog. XD

      That’s what I get for paying attention. What I meant to say, was – great looking conversions there dude. Your greenstuff work is really good. I love that chariot, I look forward to seeing these all painted.

  2. Prime white and ink? I do a brown ink under just about everything I paint.
    What will be the primary color for the army? You could do a water color sort of thing – brown ink the figures, then come back with a second ink in the primary color over just the major parts. Finish it with a base coat on all the flesh (if you still have time).

    1. Here is going to be the process… 1. prime 2. GW boltgun metal for the armor bits 3. wash with sepia and black ink 4. drybrush BG for first highlight 5. pull out highlights with GW silver 6. some sort of pinkish/purplish color for the skin 7. Vallejo German Gray for the boots, straps, leather.

      This will suffice as my first go at paint, and I think I can get it done in time.

  3. That’s some damn awesome stuff. I’m looking forward to the day I get to see this stuff in person.

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