Now with swords!

The final design for the chaos warrior swords is shown here! Its a hybrid of several of the designs that I came up with. They are pretty easy to make. I was able to build enough for the entire unit of 15 today, and get 8 of them mounted onto the models. I think may cheat and not give them to the standard bearer, and musician.

There is some more greenstuff work to do to tie the weapon in with the model a bit more, as well as some GS still needed on the warriors themselves. They are getting there!

The method that I used to create these is very similar to that of the chaos cultist champion, and his unit’s flails seen here. Someday I will have to put up an article on using plasticard to make weapons like this.

Chaos warrior with custom sword

Chaos warrior with custom sword

Chaos warrior with custom sword

The Hero got some extra work done on him as well. Some of the folks at had suggested that he could have a back-banner, which turned out to be an ace idea. It sort of adds some balance to the figure as a whole. It will also go well with the pennants that I want to have on various pole arms, standard posts, ect that will be sprinkled around the army.

Chaos warrior with custom sword

I’m glad that the core of the army is moving along at a good pace. I may need to take a day or so off from sculpting to take a break. I’ve been at this during every moment that I could spare lately from my other goings on. Must… keep… going…

Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

8 thoughts on “Now with swords!”

  1. Very cool looking blades on those guys, quite like falchions, but nice and brutal looking too. Perfect for Slaaneshi Warriors!

  2. They look great dude! I really like the look of the snake hero. His sword looks really mean, and the back banner adds a little bit extra to him. Great stuff!

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