Check these bad boys out…

River Trolls by Games Workshop
(image from GWs advanced order website)

I don’t usually get all worked up and blog about new models, but these are pretty slick. I am sure many people out there in the wide wide internet are aware of these models, but they are new to me. I am happy to see some new troll models. I think trolls are nifty, and previous models really didn’t hit the mark in my opinion (the Battle of Skull Pass troll is pretty cool). I have considered a build for my chaos army that would use some units of trolls, so these models are very much on my radar. The fact that they are plastic is extra great. Mutating them up for service with the ruinous powers aught to be a very fun project. My initial thoughts would be to change up the weapons a bit, maybe chill the river-troll vibe out a bit by removing some of the fishies and such, and add some extra arms, heads, weirdness mutations as trolls seem to show physical mutations more than many creatures.

I predict that these models will be the base for many Nurgle critters as well. Demon Prince models, Ogres, ect… fantastic. These models look huge. That is a good thing, but part of me becomes concerned that this will lead to further scale-creep with future miniature releases. Consider the difficulty of ranking models like the plastic Bloodletters, whose sprawling arms, and huge swords make that unit a particular pain. Keeping miniatures standing on things like hill terrain is also an issue. Over the years the miniatures have gone from 25ish mm to over 28mm in size, but their bases have not increased making the miniatures top-heavy.

All in all I am stoked about these guys!

Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

3 thoughts on “Trolls!”

  1. Absolutely. The composition on these seems vastly more thought out than the minotaurs. I can see this being an excellent kit to monkey with.

  2. I agree on the converting aspect of these guys. The fact they are plastic makes them much more of an attractive option for Chaos trolls, or any other type. I think I could see them being used as Nurgle beasts, or at least a base for them.

    It is nice to see that GW can do some really good plastic kits. I agree that the minotaurs look terrible, the worse looking kit they have done for a while. Lets hope this is the start of something beautiful…

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