Indecision, and learning how to paint again.

FINALLY I’ve begun painting some miniatures for my Chaos army. I got going with the chaos cultist unit, and while things have been progressing fairly well, I have run into some snags. I haven’t done any painting in over a year*, so my skills have become a bit rusty. To add to that issue, I decided to change the skin-tone on my chaos cultists halfway through painting the unit! Actually this last part is a blessing in disguise. I initially viewed this army as one part dark cloth, or metal, with super pale, purple tinted skin. What I’ve just come up with is that having the skin be pale, but with different tones here and there to break up the scheme a bit would be really cool. If I can pull it off in the end, I think it will be very cool.

Some of these shots are pretty blown out thanks to using a flash. This pops the contrast of the paint scheme a great deal, and as that I shot them in RAW, you can really see the paint transitions, so my fades look like hell. They look far better in person. I probably do need to use more light when painting. 😛

Chaos Cultist Work in Progress

Chaos Cultist Work in Progress

This is how I started the paint scheme. It was supposed to be a bluish tinted skin. Instead of a weird Slanneshi look, I ended up with something that looks a bit more undead than anything.

Chaos Cultist Work in Progress

Here I’ve switched to a purple color, and didn’t use washes as much, so the skin looks cleaner. I feel like the highlights need another pass on the skin, and some pronounced shadows. The camera flash really flattens these minis out, and makes the highlights look more drastic than they are.

Chaos Cultist Work in Progress

I was pretty happy with the way that the unit champion turned out. His shading/highlight is about the effect I would like for the whole unit.

Chaos Cultist Work in Progress

“OMG! I love Blueman Group!!!!” Yeah, um – this guy isn’t going to be a Smurf or anything. It is essentially the base coat for the blue ones. The highlight will cause these guys to blend in with the unit a bit more.

On these I’ve painted the blue as a retrofit over the skin-tone. I use quite watered down paint in thin coats which allows me to get away with this kind of thing. Its easy to paint straight out of the bottle, but I don’t recommend it. The extra work that thinning your paint creates is totally worth it to get a smooth finish.

*Not entirely true: I have painted a good deal of Flames of War miniatures, but those I am doing to a lessor level than that of my 28mm+ miniatures, so all those show is that I remember which end of the paintbrush to dip into the paint.

Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

5 thoughts on “Indecision, and learning how to paint again.”

  1. I know the feeling of being rusty, i’m in a similar boat and have just taken paint to a test model on a new dogs of war army, i feel like i’ve forgotten everything i knew!
    Those cultists are really cool, i love the models. bit more slaaneshi than the steroid vikings… And the different shading in the unit will look good when it’s finished i’m sure. looking forward to seeing how the smurf turns out 😀

  2. Good to see you getting back at it again!

    I know the feeling of being rusty, I get it all the time too. The time between projects for me seems to be so long that I always take a bit of time to get back into the groove when it comes time to paint a figure again.

    However, I do find that I also make some of my biggest advancements in technique and being more adventurous when I do get back to it so it’s not all bad!

    As for the figures, they’re looking pretty cool! I like the one with the sword and shield in particular, the skin tones on that one look the smoothest and give a very dark, chaotic character due to the purple tones.

    Looking forward to more!

  3. Just discovered your work, and thought I’d drop in a comment – hopefulyl to encourage you to keep on producing these great miniatures!

    Especially love the Slaaneshi Giant you did a major conversion of a few posts back, wonderful amount of detail at those armour plates, and a lovely pose overall. And the worm-like Horror you made… simply, wow!

    I really like your cultists as well, and the camera-flash is a well known problem, hehe. I think the contrast between the very light skin and the dark robes will make the unit look great in the end! You’e also managed to capture a sense of motion in those miniatures, and as you rightly pointed out, the champion looks really good! You’ve every reason to be happy with him, so keep at it and give us more updates!

    *thumbs up!*

  4. Thanks for the comments everybody! I will have to make some more updates soon. I feel good about where my painting skills are heading, I just need to keep the practice up.

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