George and I are looking out our office window at the golden lemon bladerunner future on a good day glow on the horizon…

George: Its cool the way it gets brighter behind the CNA building… you know, Wayne Industries
Aaron: Huh?
George: I think that one was Wayne industries, it was near the AON in the movie
Aaron: Really?
George: Didn’t you even watch the movie?
Aaron: I’M NOT WEARING HOCKEY PADS! mouth-smak!*

So I think that there is a high likelihood that there will be more randomness on this blog, that may or may not have a lot to do with hobby crap. You have been warned.

*I didn’t actually hit him. I should have. Batman would have.

Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

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