Tool Tip: Dremel Stylus

Quite a while ago I posted a bit about how I acquired a Dremel Stylus for my modeling kit. I was pretty stoked about this device when I got it, but didn’t get a whole lot of chance to use it… until recently.

This is what a Dremel Stylus looks like.  They are great.

I have been using this thing a ton lately. The chaos giant for my WHFB army required a huge amount of drilling, grinding, and cutting to accomplish what was needed for the extensive conversion that I have planned. Some of my Flames of War tanks needed some modification on their resin hulls (Eeek! Grinding resin!! If you do this, do it outside, and wear a face mask. Resin particles are super evil for your lungs). The chaos knights plastic kit has way too much ‘heavy metal’ going on in detail-land for me, so I wanted to remove some of this efficiently. The Stylus took care of these jobs with no problem.

The types of things I have the Stylus doing are pretty light-weight. I recommend that you avoid this tool for heavy work, as normal dremels can burn out if you put them to hard metals, or even large amounts of woodwork (or so I have heard). I have taken it to the body of a large metal mini in the past with pretty good results.

The ergonomic shape of the stylus is where this thing wins hands down. I have had other grinders in the past, and they were fine for house-hold tasks, but for mini work, they were cumbersome enough that I often just wouldn’t bother using them. My only complaint about the Stylus is that the two bit holders that it comes with are too large for some smaller bits, such as pin-vise drill bits. Smaller ones may be available, but I haven’t poked around for them yet. The other gripe about the stylus that other people have, is the price tag. I got mine for a shade over $100 after shipping. Honestly, if you can afford it, the price is totally worth it. I should have asked Dremel for a freebie to write this review! Hmmm…

Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

One thought on “Tool Tip: Dremel Stylus”

  1. Hah… I just realized something very funny about this picture. The guy holding the stylus has a good, strong, manly (note all the hair) hand… with super-manicured nails. Perhaps you have seen the grizzly talons that pass as my hands in some of the sculpting shots. A guy at work once told me that I have ‘freaky looking’ hands. Yup, hand modeling is not in my future.

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