Mixed putty experiments…

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I’ve been experimenting with mixing different types of two part putty to get different surfaces depending on what I was trying to accomplish. Pro sculptors in the miniature industry have been mixing greenstuff with the more rigid brownstuff for a while. What I have been trying out is mixing apoxie-sculpt with greenstuff. Rigidity in putty translates into a material that is easier to carve, and sand.

Recently I was creating some masks for my Chaos Marauder Cav models, and I started initially with greenstuff. I was running into some problems when I was trying to use a xacto knife to trim up, and do some carving on the putty. Greenstuff is pretty flexible once it is set up, and this was causing me some problems. When you are doing carving, you generally want a fair bit of resistance from the material you are carving. This allows you to control how much material you are taking off at any point. Less is more in this situation. Usually, taking off too much material is a bigger problem than too little. When I was growing up my father taught me to carve things out of wood. I learned quickly that while balsa wood was super easy to carve, I could get finer details from bass wood. The situation is similar with 2 part epoxy putty.

I have been using apoxie-sculpt a bunch to create the base for larger models for a while now. I have never been that thrilled with the stuff for finer scale, or the detail layer of my sculpting as its a bit too soft, and very, very sticky until it sets up some. I found that if I mix greenstuff and apoxie at a 3:1ish ratio that I get some very cool properties to work with…

  • More rigid when set up which is good for carving
  • Lighter color which makes seeing the detail that you are applying a lot easier. Greenstuff on its own is pretty dark, and can take a lot of moving around to see what is actually occurring on the surface of your sculpt.
  • Workable consistency of Greenstuff. GS wins when it comes to general workable properties over other putty that I have tried. At this ratio, the workability is essentially the same as uncut GS.

I think that I will have to play with different mixes of putty based on what I need. If I am doing press mold casts, I figure that I will stick with uncut GS. The flexibility helps a lot with fixing set bits to models. Weapons, armor, or other situations where I need cleaner edges, or less organic shapes, I will start to add in apoxie-sculpt. I have yet to apply a dremel grinder to mixed putty. I figure it will work pretty well, but will have to do some tests.

Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

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