Work in progress : Panzer IVh platoon

With a bunch of time off of work for Thanksgiving, I actually had some time to make progress on several of my projects. In addition to the Tiger tank in the previous post, I also was able to make some headway on a platoon of Panzer IV tanks.

Flames of War Panzer IV tank by Xenite

I used these very effectively in a recent game, and I think that they will be common when I run panzer companies in Flames of War. It will be nice to have them fully painted the next time that they see the field.

Flames of War Panzer IV tank by Xenite

The scheme that am using for these is essentially the same as the Tiger, and the StuG III tanks. I tried some different ways to layer the camo, and really came to the conclusion that whatever gives me the best pattern, and simplifies the process of painting is the best method. After painting the camo shapes, the next coat of dry-brushed Vallejo Middlestone paint really ties the paint work together.

Flames of War Panzer IV tank by Xenite

The next step with these tanks is to give the highlights a final pass to pick out detail. This is done by painting over detail areas with slightly watered down Middlestone + White. Less is more with this, and thin lines get the edges of the vehicle, and its detail to pop. Thicker lines tend to look sloppy.

Following highlights, the tracks, details, and possibly some camo-netting will be next!

Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

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