Fallshirmjager WIP quick shots

I am getting near the end of the work on the main body of my Fallshirmjager army. I have learned a lot from painting these models. If I were to have the opportunity to re-do this army, I would have made some color changes, and would have worked on fixing up some of the models that have casting issues. Painting 15mm infantry requires different techniques than larger models. Blocks of color that define the details are more important that getting tones to blend well for example. I think that I am going to try some new techniques when I paint my US troops. All things being equal, I am happy with the way that these turned out, especially for table-top use.

Here are some quick and dirty photos that show where the army is at the moment. I still have some basing to do, and some touchups on some of the paint. The 4th MG 42 team needs to be finished as well. I am excited to almost have this army wrapped up.

Combat Platoons

Whole army not including Armor Support

Light Artillery Unit with recoiless guns.

HMG platoon

Combat teams

Combat Platoons

There are a few units that I would like to add to this army in the not distant future. I have some Pak 38 (or 40… I can’t recall) guns, and I would like to expand the Light Artillery battery to 4 guns. Some Panzershreck teams for the command platoon are in the works as well.

Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

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