War is hell, and Tanks are dirty

These are the first examples of completed armor for my late war Germans. This collection originally started as simply a StuG III platoon that I wanted to use as support for my Fallshirmjager army, but as I am a true tread-head, I decided to branch off into creating a Panzer Company as well. The panzer IIIs are the first proper tanks that I have done in this scheme.

Finished late war armor to date

Panzer III N tanks

StuG III Platoon

These are several of the StuG IIIs that I originally picked up as support for my paratroopers. They will still serve that purpose, but ultimately turned out to be a stair-step unit for a full blown Tank Company.



StuG III close up

The dirt layers were built up on top of the camouflage initially in addition to the decals. Once the these layers were done, I applied another dirty gray/brown wash, and added white lines to cause scratches and chips to pop out. Small amounts of gunmetal paint and rust drips were added at the very end before sealing with flat-coat.

Next up, after I finish basing my FJ company, I will be getting into two Panzer IV platoons, and a Panther platoon.

Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

One thought on “War is hell, and Tanks are dirty”

  1. I was going to leave a snarky comment about 9 months between posts, but the paint job on these tanks has well more than 9 months of awesomeness poured into them- nice work!

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