Hasadi cult sorcerers – work in progress

Here are the minis that represent the Hasadi cult members who control the undead army of Araby.  They count as Liche priests of various rank.  These models are based off of the excellent Empire wizard kit, and use a bunch of different bits including heads of some metal ghoul models.  The head scarves are made from greenstuff.  The distressing on their cloaks and tunics was done with x-acto knife and a heated pin to melt holes in the plastic.

Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

9 thoughts on “Hasadi cult sorcerers – work in progress”

  1. Sweet, Aaron..this army is going to be awesome
    what does your list look like what other types of conversions are you doing?

    Whats your general look like…High Priest, Prince?

  2. Thanks!

    So far my army is several units of tribal desert archers, a big block of warriors, and a small unit of Ifrit Djinn (ushabti). A giant scorpion is in the works as well. The army will be lead by a magus of the Hasadi cult (Hight Liche Priest), along with a prince from the cursed army.

    I intend to do a proper expository write up for the plot-line that I have for this army. Its getting somewhat extensive, and I hope it is as interesting to readers of this blog and opponents as it is to me.

  3. Great work, Aaron!

    Ever since the vampire counts stuff has been showing up, I have been wondering what it would be like to convert a empire wizard to a nercomancer. I think it would probably look similar to these guys.

  4. I’m proud that I witnessed these evil creatures being born, and that I helped pick out their evil, evil weapons. Good work!;)

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