projects update – Imperial Guard, Genestealers

I have been juggling several projects lately (well… I always am actually). Here is an update covering what has been going on.

My Imperial guard army has been a labor of love and hate for the last several years, and only recently have I been able to get the units to start coming together the way that I had hoped. My recent re-discovery of the Mechanized Company (Lots of soldiers riding around in tanks) has given me some new focus for the project.

I had posted some images earlier showing some modifications that I had been planning for my Chimera tanks. Several days ago I finished the mold, and made some casts.

chimera tanks with resin cast componants attached

These components, because they are fairly large are very easy to cast with good results. Because they are fairly shallow, and open ended, I can easily pour resin into the molds with little problems with air bubbles. As anyone who has done amateur resin casting knows, air bubbles that stick to your mold and create voids in your casts are a huge pain in the ass. This is the very problem that is holding up the heavy weapon teams for this project (more about that later).

Because the tanks need something to carry around, I have been trying to get some platoons finished up. Here is part of the 1st platoons A squad.

close up of IG troopers

In addition to my IG tanks and troopers, I have also been doing a little work here and there on a squad of Genestealers. I have been inspired to work on these since the test pieces that I did several months ago. In the shot below there are several bodies in a early phase of conversion. I want their poses to be more varied than what I often see in other Tyranid collections.

Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

8 thoughts on “projects update – Imperial Guard, Genestealers”

  1. Very nice Chimera, I especially like the genestealers because most people don’t put the time into changing their poses.

  2. I would like to buy some of the turrets if you would make some i think they are cool and different to the same old same. i like the side armor to. Is it hard to cast stuff i have never tried. i am making mods to my stuff to I will have to share.

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