Planning a gaming table

Since I have moved into a new apartment, I have been planning on making a new table for game nights. What I want to do is to make a set of 2′ x 4′ modular sections that could be configured different ways. Here is an idea of what I am thinking.

The sections could be used to make several 4’x4′ tables, or larger 4’x6′, 6’x8′ tables. The larger tables would need a surface to support them, and Velcro mounting areas will help out their stability. Unlike the AWC gamesday table that we made, this set will less likely be dragged around to different places for gaming, so I should be able to keep the edges from getting to banged up. This will help keep all of those seams from being obvious during games.

Author: xenite

I am an avid gamer, sculptor, and artist. The creative aspect of this hobby is what really draws me to it. :)

4 thoughts on “Planning a gaming table”

  1. I see a problem with the particle board sub-surface: I don’t think you’re going to want a 6×8 piece of lumber sitting around the living room. If they plywood is there to tie the foam sections together, what about putting the velcro on the sides of the foam and then wrapping all of the sections together with a long length of velcro?

  2. I agree about the size of the board. I have a good place to put it that is pretty convenient. I could come up with a hinge setup to make it a little more compact as well. I have seen some attempts at velcroing foam pieces together, and I think that it will be less effective for the amount of trouble it would be. I haven’t tried it however, and would be willing to test the idea out in case I am wrong.

  3. To second what Rich said, dragging particle board around sucks!

    But I have to say that grafic you’ve come up with is awesome. I also like the way you’ve arranged the individual pieces. You could coem up with a lot of great combinations.

  4. I am thinking that I will be going with some kind of folding board thing. I will be storing it in a closet about 6′ from where I will be setting it up, so moving it around won’t be too big of a problem… famous last words, right?

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